“I attended a leadership course that was run by Stuart Tan on the 15th and 16th of August 2011. To my surprise, his style was both motivational and entrepreneurial. It was not at all ‘just another leadership course’. He demonstrated both breadth and depth in psychological foundations of personal leadership and quite clearly had a significant amount of experience in change management. His delivery was well managed and he was clearly at ease in his role, not as a trainer, but as a facilitator for those who wished to explore their personal styles of leadership. I found his openness and sincerity quite refreshing.”

Mark J. Womersley, Associate Director, Singapore-Delft Water Alliance (SDWA)

“I attended a two day course on Transformational Leadership taught by Mr Stuart Tan, sponsored by NUS.  Mr Tan was a very creative lecturer.  He mixed aspects of neuroscience, organisational psychology, management theories as well as stories of can-do spirit of business titans and personal friends who live in the limitless realm of possibilities in putting his case across to us – that we can be more than who we think we are today.  The class was a transformative experience for me and I will remind myself to try to effect the same sort of transformation to the people I work with in my office and various other groups I am involved in.”

Dr Gillian KOH, Senior Research Fellow, INSTITUTE OF POLICY STUDIES, LEE KUAN YEW SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY, National University of Singapore

“Stuart Tan is a genius and quality runs through his veins like pure gold. When he speaks, listen and when he does, copy every move. Stuart spells it out for beginners in a way only a master can.”

Ken McArthur, Best-Selling Author of

“Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a Noisy World “



Dear Stuart,

I like to thank you for your well organized and delivered 2-day workshop during our recent corporate event.

You’ve conducted the workshop in line with our set objectives in understanding the team dynamics of our top managers.    All 23 of us found your workshop very insightful and entertaining.   The activities we engaged in certainly helped us understand ourselves and brought us to a higher working capacity as a team.

If anyone wants a team and leadership training that has empirical as well edutainment value, you are definitely one of the best choices available out there in the market.

I will certainly recommend you for your expertise in the psychology of teams.
Once again, thank you.

Kim Underhill, General Manager, Fabristeel (Singapore)