Corporate Workshop: Positive Stakeholder Engagement and Influence

By Stuart Tan / July 23, 2017 / Workshops / No Comments

If you’re in middle management, you know how important it is for you to achieve results. Yet at the same time, there are so many conflicting issues that require you to manage, including situations where you have to communicate across departments, divisions or multiple stakeholder groups. Th...

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Corporate Training Singapore: Understanding Stakeholder Engagement

By Stuart Tan / January 31, 2017 / Change Management, Leadership, Stakeholder engagement / No Comments

One of the fastest ways to increase success in change management is to be able to engage with stakeholders effectively. However, it is common that many leaders are either utilizing the top-down approach to change management or have simply failed to understand the importance of consensus within or...

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5 Ways to Make Organizational Changes Fast, Owned and Save Money

This article first appeared on LinkedIn. Almost all organizations I know these days utilize old academic approaches to change. To them, the fastest way to achieve a change is by pure repetition alone (and a big stick to smack people over the head with, sometimes). Although many psychological insi...

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Organizational Change: What Not To Do

Many initiatives have been rolled out in organizations in the spirit of “change”. Mostly, top management will always believe that change is necessary and important to carry out. Unfortunately, the deployment of such change will require more than just adamant effort. Throughout history...

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4 Phases to Rolling Out Soft-Skills Training In Your Organization

It seems to me that organizations are constantly on the hunt for direct skills that fulfill their productivity issues. The trouble these days is not that we are not productive: rather, we are productive at the expense of the employee. I’m not about to go on a moral high horse to say that em...

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Building a Powerful Values-Based Training

By Stuart Tan / September 4, 2015 / Uncategorized / No Comments

So, you walked through the corridor and passed by the posters with the “core values” emblazoned on the wall. One of them shouts at you: “Respect”. Then you’re passing by the meeting room and you hear a heated argument between two colleagues in senior management. Resp...

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Performance Management: Strategies for Effective Organizational Development

Most organizations to date, including government and statutory boards have limitations in their performance management capabilities. There are simply 7 key areas to bear in mind in order for a simple, yet effective performance management approach to be implemented. Each of these should, however, ...

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Can NLP help develop Leadership?

NLP is the acronym for neurolinguistic programming and is one of the most fascinating developments in corporate training in the present century. While many tout it as a persuasion and influence tool, NLP really functions as a means to enhance communication and thinking capabilities. Take for exam...

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3 Warnings About Corporate Team Building

A few months back a friend approached me to tell me how great his team training went and how fun it was. I was curious, and asked what kind of training it was. So it turned out it was just a getaway for the purposes of playing games like treasure hunts and the like. Well, that’s […]

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Using Emergenetics for Corporate Team Training

Team trainings are one of the most sought after programs in Singapore. One of the reasons why is obvious: it is not easy to have people working and getting to a desired end result. In the case of many teams, there are dysfunctions such as conflict and disengagement. How these actually take place ...

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