With Over 21 Years of Human Development, We Partner Organizations to Design Targeted, Cost-Saving Interventions to Build Collaborative Culture, Deploy Vision, Drive Change, and Establish Systems for Sustained Effect.

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Simple Organizational Transformation

Most consultants try to drum up complex and tedious plans because it is a facade for value for money in the eyes of management. Unfortunately, such academic plans often fall short: on the lap of senior management who have no time to implement them down to the last person in the organization. Organizational transformation can exploit the use of various tools: systems thinking, leadership development, branding, change management, appreciative inquiry, 360-degree assessments, psychometric testing, balanced scorecards, Teal, Holacracy among others. But these are nothing more than frameworks and tools. Do you realize how many times introducing such tools have met with resistance? Using our unique blend of consultancy services and deployment tools, we make the changes easier for your organization, save cost, maximize the use of any tool or framework, and reduce the pain of transition.

Dialog: The Heart of Culture and Change

We know that language represents what’s in our minds. But few know how to transform the language of a group of people, let alone massive international organizations. When a change takes place, the language of resistance surfaces. Dialog is the key, but the process of designing the dialog in such a way that enables change is an art. How to you eliminate resistance? How can you create an environment of trust so that dialog can actually happen? How do you build a process that enables dialog to actually elicit action, something that is owned by the participants of the dialog? We answer these questions and more. Just contact us at 63385727 to understand how we can help your organization in culture change, vision deployment, large scale leadership and managerial competency roll-out and performance management.

Training Components

personal mastery training  

Enhance Personal Mastery

  • Awareness of personal drive and passion
  • Craft development plans
  • Optimize capabilities, improve engagement



Develop Respected Managers

  • Engaging and motivate staff effectively
  • Handle difficult conversations through Trust Strategies
  • Develop a clear and effective tier of competent middle managers
  • Lead, influence and coach for results



Build High Performance Teams

  • Communicate transparently for results
  • Reduce conflict and amplify benefits of diversity
  • Adapt through difficulty and change
  • Acquire greater understanding and reduce conflict

corporate training organizational development singapore results  

Maximize Results With Human Capital

  • Psychometric testing, 360-degree feedback implementation
  • Stakeholder-centric engagement
  • Focused project team


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